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Data analysis can give you the insights on customer behaviour, market segment/activities, product performance, and about how other competitors are doing better than you. Companies need to adopt data-centric approach to recognize their customer and improve their customer oriented approach. To achieve this you need a separate data store (data warehouse) other than your transactional data store.

Lastly you need to build your intelligence such as dashboards, scorecards, performance metrics, predictive analysis, and other reports that can give you the insight overview about your business. Please contact-us for more

Nothing frustrate like having a slow computer. This world is moving fast, everyone looking forward for a system that can respond on a click of the button. What to do if you have a lab of computers or computers in your office that are not responsive? Relax we can provide you with a service to upgrade your machine, install new software, clean viruses, and other desktop training.
We can also assist you with the acquisition of new computers including laptops and other ICT related equipment at the cheaper price.
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These days competition on business cause companies to optimize existing business process within the organisation. Business Process Modelling (BPM) is a tool to evaluate current business process and make improvements to the organisation.
Through business process analysis the organization can identify which business process is optimal and not optimal.
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Too many things these days that drive organisations to improve their infrastructure. Data becomes an integral part of the business therefore you need to ensure that your organization has minimum measures with regards to the infrastructure. You need to ensure that your infrastructure adheres to the policies around your business space.
E.g. your business might be governed by a policy that influences you not to email client records but sends them through an encrypted FTP system. You need to make sure that your infrastructure setup will be able to comply with those standards or policies. Let us sit down with you and discuss how we can help you plan, design and implement changes to your new or existing infrastructure.
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