About Blestec Ptd Ltd

Blestec Pty Ltd (2014/203337/07) is a consulting company started by young entreprenuers who recognized the opportunity within the Information Technology space.

We are passionate about new technology, we focus mainly on Data integration & Data analytic, Infrastructure planning & Design, and other ICT related services.

Over the years we have learnt that when we help the client generate more revenue is the more we make revenue as well, thus on our slogan when we say 'We do for the best'
With this statement we basically mean that we are there to service the client therefore our full focus and dedication is on assisting the client to generate more revenue.

Without our clients we are nothing that is why we put our clients first. We treat our clients with respect and we promote confidentiality, as a result when we deal with your data we make it our responsibility to take care of your data all the time. We strive to partner with the best in order to deliver the best service to all our clients.