• Infrastructure Planning and Design

    Do you want to start a business with ICT infrastructure?
    We have a solution for you. we can design and set up your infrastructure from scratch .. Read More

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  • Software solution

    Do you enjoy doing same thing over and over again?
    We are there for you, we can automate any manual process that you can do .. Read More

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  • Information security

    Are you aware that data about your business is a valuable assets that forms integral part of your business
    Let us assist you to secure your information .. Read More

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  • System Health check

    Let us assist you in giving you your system check anytime
    We have advance tools that you can use to give you and insight overview of how your servers are working .. Read More

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  • Business Integration and Analytics

    Are you aware of how your business is doing?, Would you be able at anytime to decide what you need to change on your business?
    Let us visit you and help you make informed decision with regards to your business through advance MIS.. Read More

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Information About Blestec

At Blestec when we say we do for the best we mean it. give us any of your manual process we will automate it for you at the minimum cost.

We are striving to be the consulting company that offers solutions that are rigid and reliable.

Blestec provide the following services: Business Analytics, Software & Hardware configuration, Software & Web development, Networking and Training services.